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My blue heart means it’s going to take a special person to adopt me!

My name is Suki was living outside in an apartment complex in Whitehall, Ohio.  A resident called and said that I had given birth in one of the window wells.  I had given birth to 6 babies!  I got to stay with my rescuers until CCC had an opening, but I knew it wouldn’t be forever.  When we all arrived at the Cozy Cat Cottage, I was very grumpy with my babies.  They had teeth and used them while nursing.  Ouch!    My babies went and hung out in a foster home so I could recover, and the medical department bottle and tube fed the babies.  I am a bit of a firecracker.  I want to play and I do not want to be bothered by the younger crowd on the adoption floor.  Sometimes I will just saunter over and be the sweetest kitty ever and then I flip to sassy. This doesn’t mean I am a bad cat. it just means I need a patient home with lots of toys to play with. A quiet home would be best for me. I love any human that brings out the laser light. Will you be the human that gives me a chance to blossom at my own pace?