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My blue heart means I need someone extra special to adopt me!

My name is Samuel and I am a very friendly guy who came to Cozy Cat Cottage from a barn. Humans failed me and dumped me there without being neutered and expected me to fend for myself. I wasn’t used to the pack mentality that exists at a barn, and I didn’t fare well with the resident barn cats. Once I arrived at Cozy Cat, I got all the healthcare I needed. It was found when I had my blood test that I have heartworm disease. Heartworm disease in cats in very rare as cats aren’t the natural hosts for heartworms. Additionally, there isn’t a treatment that will eradicate the heartworms in cats. Prevention by using an oral or topical medication every month is the primary treatment. Regular vet care that includes x-rays as well as monitoring my overall health will be required so that I can live my healthiest life.