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My blue heart means it’s going to take a special person to adopt me!

My name is Paddie and I was born at a mechanics lot in Shawnee Hills, Ohio with my sibling.  We were both adopted into different homes after being in foster care.  I was in her previous home for approximately 4 years and started having litter box avoidance issues.  It was also determined that I am high anxiety cat.  I was prescribed medications to help with both issues, but it was reported that these meds weren’t successful in that home environment.  Since I have been back at the Cozy Cat Cottage, I have had good behavior.  I am very affectionate and I loves pets.  I currently receive my Prozac via a transdermal cream.  This cream is rubbed into my ear daily.  I didn’t mind taking my pills if they were crushed and mixed into canned food, but I am a grazer, so I wasn’t getting my entire daily dose.  I have gotten into a couple of squabbles here at the center, but at the end of the day I just want one on one attention.  A large cat/animal family wouldn’t be the best fit for me, since I get anxious.  I will make a great companion to someone.  It is suggested that I stay on my medication.  Luckily there are easy ways to medicate me!  A quiet laid back lifestyle would suit me best.  Please come and visit me to see if I would make your house a home.