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My name is Madison and I am a very sweet, petite senior lady who has had a lot of change and heartbreak throughout her life. The biggest heartbreak happened a few weeks ago when was returned to the Cozy Cat Cottage. I spent the first 12 years of my life in a home. My journey started off great. I was adopted with another kitten the same age. I had all the love and attention that I needed. Then a wedding happened, a dog was added and then kids. I didn’t understand why so much was changing. I started to act out by not using the litter box. Upon looking through my vet notes the humans at Cozy Cat noticed that no intervention ever happened. When I was returned to Cozy Cat I saw a vet and had my labs drawn, everything is normal. More than likely all the change led to behavior issues. At Cozy Cat they believe we all deserve a second chance. I would do best in a quiet home without any small children or dogs. I know I will once again thrive in a quiet environment.