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My name is Luna and I am a very pretty and vocal girl. My life until I found the Cozy Cat Cottage had been difficult to say the least. I had been a mama many times and I lived outside for years. I was finally saved by a local rescuer. My babies have all been adopted and then I was adopted too!  Sadly what I thought was my forever home, wasn’t. I was returned in 2022. They said it was because I wasn’t a lap cat and I wasn’t able to handled easily. They also said I wasn’t using the litter box. Anti anxiety medicine was prescribed but my human said they couldn’t medicate me. Since coming back to Cozy Cat I have had perfect manners, I use the litter box and I seek out attention from humans. If I’m not finished getting attention I will meow and tell you. I am a lady that knows what I want. I also tolerate all the other felines around me just fine. Sometimes bad environments play a role in our behavior and I believe in the right home that I will blossom.