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My name is Cameo and I first arrived at the Cozy Cat Cottage with my six kittens. Sadly this wasn’t my first pregnancy. Once I was finished raising my babies I went to hang out at Petsmart.  I am not a big fan of other cats and would do best alone. I was so excited when I got adopted, but it wasn’t forever. My human brought me back because she got pregnant and there was a disagreement over my litterbox and scooping it. So she brought me back. I was so sad to leave my home, but I have been very affectionate since I have been back. My humans told my friends at Cozy Cat that I slept in bed with them every night and always wanted to be with them.   I am very sweet one on one, but the second I see other cats I let it be known that I am not happy. I can’t help it though! I once lived on the streets and I got chased and now I feel threatened. A home without any other animals is what I need. I will be your best girl once I feel like I can trust you.