Keep your pet happy, healthy and safe.

Whether you grew up with pets or are adopting your first one, it is important to educate yourself on animal care. Below is information that Cozy Cat Cottage believes is critical to know when owning a pet.

The case against declawing

Declawing is a painful procedure and can have serious and lifelong physical and behavioral consequences. Read why we oppose declawing.

The importance of microchips

Microchips and ID tags are critical for bringing your pet home safe if he or she gets lost. Microchips bring lost pets home.

FIV and FeLV

What are FIV and FeLV viruses and how do they affect felines? What are FIV and FeLV?

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)

TNR has proven to be the most efficient way to control cat overpopulation. Learn how you can help with TNR.

Introducing pets

Patience and a process are required for introducing pets. Pet introduction tips.

Safety in the home

Make your home a safe space for all pets. Learn about toxic foods, plants and other hazards.