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Hi! My brothers and I are three of the sweetest brother’s that you would ever want to meet! We also hear we are SO CUTE! We have tested Feline Leukemia positive. It is not our fault, and we deserve a home just like our friends. It is best if we go to a home that does not have any other cats that have tested Feline Leukemia negative. There are not any conclusive studies that prove the transmission of Feline Leukemia can or cannot occur through casual contact between cats housed together. While our life expectancy is not known (no one’s is, really), we know that we just want a chance to have our very own home(s), A good, quality food, indoor only home, regular veterinary visits, love and toys is all we need. We know it will take a special someone to be our someone, and we promise to love you always. If you have any more questions about us, or want to meet us, come on in. You can also visit this website to learn more about Feline Leukemia.