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My blue heart means I need an extra special person to adopt me!

If anyone has followed the Cozy Cat Cottage Facebook page, they are sure to be familiar with me.  I arrived as Cozy Cat Cottage in 2014.  I came off the streets and had not been spayed.  I had my fair share of struggles.  I have also had a hard time while in the shelter each time I have been here.  I am a high stress cat that thrives on routine and stability.  I was adopted as a companion to an older lady and I flourished while in that home.  After my human passed, her daughter kept me and we had an amazing bond.  My world fell apart the day my human never came home from a routine surgery.  I had 2 losses in a matter of a few years.  Upon my return to Cozy Cat Cottage, I was so angry and scared.  It took over a year of working with me and rebuilding my confidence before I could be put up for adoption again.  One day it happened.  I was adopted!  My adopter was counseled about my needs, and there was ongoing communication.  Sadly, due to new human baby and the adoption of a puppy, I was returned.  There were simply too many changes in a short time.  The humans at Cozy Cat have been putting the pieces of my world together again.  I am progressing faster than previously.  I truly deserve a home that will be stable and provide me with an environment that will foster my growth into the loving girl I know I can be.  The humans here know that my needs are unique.  They promise me they will continue to try and find me that perfect home.  When I feel safe, I am known to cuddle on a lap, and “hunt” birds from the safety of a cat tree.  I can be extremely affectionate to humans.  If you feel you could be my forever home, please keep the following things in mind.  Your home will need to have quiet, patient, and understanding humans.  A home with no other animals will be best as adding the puppy in the last home was what tipped the scales away from me. Older children that can understand and fiercely respect my boundaries is a must.  The addition of an adult human in both of my prior adoptive homes did not affect me greatly.  It did take a little bit of time for me to process the addition, but after that I was fine.  I will need a large amount of decompression time once I am adopted into a new home.  As they say, “slow and steady wins the race.”  If you feel you could provide what I need, please email our Executive Director at