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Hello! My name is Trixie and my story is a sad one. I was originally rescued from a home in Pataskala. A family moved into the house and I was living as a feral cat in the backyard. A very kind elderly woman was taking care of me and a bunch of other cats on the property. Coyotes were all around which ended in a very sad way for several of my friends. I was one of the lucky ones to be rescued and I was just a tiny little kitten. I was eventually rescued and was given more love than I could have ever known. My adoptive mom loved me so much and she often shared my life with other Cozy Cat supporters on the Cozy Cat Facebook page. My mom had to have surgery and she didn’t make it out. When I found out she died, my heart was completely shattered. I loved her so much. It hurts so much. There wasn’t anyone to care for me and I was brought back to Cozy Cat. When I first arrived I was so mad and I took it out on everyone. I would swat and hiss at anyone who came near me. I just miss my mom so much. I lived in one of the offices at Cozy Cat for over a year and I am finally at the point where I am ready for adoption. I sometimes still swat. I have started to purr again and I am starting to think it might be ok to love again. I absolutely need a quiet home, with no kids, no cats and no dogs. I just want to find love again. I remember so vividly what it feels like to be cared about and loved by a human. I miss my person so much, but my heart is open again.