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My name is Theodore and I have been dealt a pretty crummy hand in life. I was adopted as a kitten and returned in 2012 because my dad was getting deployed. He didn’t want to bring me back, but didn’t have any other options. I lived at the Cozy Cat Cottage for around five years before someone gave me a second chance. I really thought I had hit the jackpot. I loved my mom and she seemed to love me… and then she got a boyfriend. She wasn’t giving me enough attention and I didn’t like the new guy so I started peeing outside the box. All was going so well. I just got mad because my dad had to give me away and then I got nervous that my new mom wasn’t going to love me anymore; so I started acting out. Now here I am back at Cozy Cat. I am happy to be warm and well fed, but I don’t like all the other cats. I just want a human to love me forever. I really need a quiet home where I will be the only cat. A retiree would be perfect for me. Someone who will be home a lot and will give me all the attention I crave.