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My name is Tayla and my mama gave birth to me in a tree stump!  Thankfully I didn’t stay there long! We were rescued and brought to the Cozy Cat Cottage soon after I was born. I love to play especially when the humans get this stick out with a long string and feather on the end. They call it Da Bird and by gosh it really does look like a bird flying through the air. I could chase that thing for hours. The humans usually get tired of swinging it around before I get tired from chasing it!  I hope whoever takes me home likes to play!  I also love pets. In fact I think I like pets even more than chasing that feather!  My mama just found a home recently and I hope that’s a sign that my adoption day is coming soon! It was sad to say goodbye to my mama Tootsie, but I know she is having a great time with her new family. I also recently had a dental and had to have a couple of my teeth pulled.