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My name is Stewart and I am a senior cat that was dropped off in a carrier on someone’s porch. I was really scared and the humans didn’t know what to do with me. Luckily there was an open cage at the Cozy Cat Cottage. After I arrived I went straight to the vet and it was discovered that I had severe dental disease and had to have many teeth extracted. After they were removed I felt so much better and started gaining weight. It was also discovered that I tested positive for Feline Leukemia. Feline Leukemia is a retrovirus that is present in many cells due to how it replicates. While a diagnosis of FeLV can be emotionally devastating, it is vital to remember that cats with FeLV can lives for extended periods of time. It is advised that a FeLV positive cat not be housed with a negative FeLV cat. However, FeLV CANNOT be transmitted to humans or dogs.  I am an extremely friendly guy who gives head bunts and a lot of love. The second I see humans I start to purr. I love canned food, but I eat dry just fine. I deserve a forever home no matter my test status.

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