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My blue heart means I need an extra special person to adopt me!

My name is Selah and I was living out in the country with a bunch of other cats in Johnstown, Ohio. We found a hole under a house and that’s where we were living. It was a really cold day when we were rescued. Not one of us was spayed or neutered so there were LOTS of us. The Cozy Cat Cottage found all of us homes and just two of us are still waiting. I like it so much better at Cozy Cat. I’m warm and well fed, but I would really like to know what it feels like to live in a home. All the other cats keep talking about it and it sounds like it would be wonderful. I’m going to need a human that is patient and understanding because I’m still trying to figure out what humans are all about. I like to think one day I could have a really nice mom or dad. I would do best in a quiet home because a lot of noise makes me nervous.