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First I’m gorgeous. I have a unique shade of brown in my coat. Also, check out my eyes. I was an awesome mama to four babies. They have all grown up to be big and strong. I was found outside all alone with my babies when they were teeny tiny. I love to be pet and I really like my enclosure mate, Dixie. While Dixie and I do not need to be adopted together, we would love it! I had my blood tested when I was spayed and I tested positive for FIV. But, Dixie and I prefer the term FIV fabulous: FIV positive kitties and FIV negative kitties can live in a home together. FIV CANNOT be transferred through casual contact. A deep bite wound or sexual contact are the main ways to transmit. I would love to curl up in a bed in my very own home. My health has been great since arriving at the Cozy Cat Cottage. Would you please consider opening your heart and home to me?

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