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Hello, we are mother (Nala) and daughter (Sarafina) who have always been together. We are very bonded and need to be adopted to the same home. We used to have a home and our very own person. That person one day was gone, and we were all alone. We heard that our person had passed away and that the family members did not want us. It was so sad and frightening. We were all by ourselves for a few days. One day we were put into a car and taken to a place called Cozy Cat Cottage. The humans are nice, but this has been a huge, scary change for us. When someone
comes in and talks softly to us, we melt. We love pets and Sarafina melts onto her side for pets. An ideal home for us would be one that is quiet and patient. We want to love and to trust again. We will need help and someone to respect that we will need love and time for our confidence to get built back up. Will you take a chance on us?