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My name is Rocky and I am the world champion litter thrower!  For real!  I love to get in my litter box and dig all the way to the other side of the world!  Whoever, takes me home will need to invest in a litter box with high sides or a top loader. In addition to my litter throwing skills, I am just one cool cat. I came from a thing they call a hoard and I was taken to a humane society and was on the block to be euthanized. Lucky for me Cozy Cat came to my rescue! I am high spirited, super handsome and I catch the eye of all the lady’s. I don’t know how I keep getting overlooked because I am a real stud. I love when the humans put the garage door up at the shelter. We have this really cool screen that allows us to look outside and I totally dig watching the cars and the birds go by. I hope that whoever adopts me will make sure that I have a great window to look out of because it keeps me entertained forever. So come on in and ask for me! Rocky!