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Hi!! My name is Perkins and I live at the Cozy Cat Cottage with my sister Poppy. Unfortunately, we have tested positive for FELV. At most shelters this would be a death sentence, but at Cozy Cat the good humans here believe all cats should have a chance. While there still isn’t a cure for FELV and our futures are a little unknown we still believe that a very special human will give us a very special home. With FELV we could live one year or we could live 20 years. FELV is an autoimmune disease and contagious to other cats, but not dogs or humans. We will need to go to a home with other FELV cats, a home with no cats or a home with dogs.  While we don’t need to be adopted together, we would sure love it. We have shared a space since we arrived at Cozy Cat as tiny babies. We are super loving and just want a lap to sit in. While we understand you might be taking a chance with your heart, we also believe it’s really that way with any kitty. We never know how long we will have, but we just want to know what it’s like to have a home and to be loved.

To learn more about FELV, click here to visit the website for Cornell University.