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My name is Lara and I came from Blanchester, Ohio. I was living in a house with a lot of cats and my living conditions weren’t exceptional. From what I’ve been told it was a hoarding situation. I didn’t know any better, but I did know that I wasn’t feeling great. I had to have all my teeth pulled because I didn’t receive proper nutrition or vet care. I don’t let my lack of teeth bother me and I eat just fine. In fact, I’m feeling better than I ever did before. I am a little on the shy side, but that’s only because I wasn’t used to getting a lot of attention with so many cats around. I am a sweet girl, I’m just a little overwhelmed in the shelter environment. I keep watching cats and kittens come and go and I often wonder if anyone will pick me. I tend to just sit and stare and hope someone will give me a pet or two. I keep believing that someone will fall in love with me. Maybe it could be you?