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My name is Kelsey and I am the Queen Bee at the Cozy Cat Cottage. I was born here in April of 2008 and it is literally the only home I have ever known. Except there was this very brief moment someone adopted me. I still have no idea why they brought me back. I wasn’t there long, just enough to know that there really are homes out there, it’s not just in my dreams! I am the resident greeter at the cottage and I am baffled as to why no one has taken me home. I make a point to let the humans know I am here, but they walk right on past me. I love pets, but I don’t want to be picked up and I think that’s why no one wants me. I would be your best girl because I just want to be around everyone! I am an elderly girl and don’t have many teeth left, but I LOVE food, especially canned cat food. I will dance around you when I hear the can pop! I know I am a little up there in age, but I would still love a home to call my own.