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My name is Kaycee. I’m an elderly girl, born in April of 2007. I reside in one of our special needs rooms. I am happiest when I am only around a few other cats. When I am with too many cats I get really stressed out. I was adopted as a kitten and brought back for not using my litter box. I am still not totally thrilled with using a box, but I do a lot better when I am not with a lot of other felines. I used to literally live on a shelf on the adoption floor. They catered to my every need because I didn’t want to get down. Once they relocated me to the special needs room I started to thrive. I am happy as can be in my room and I LOVE when people show me attention. I am a super sweet and loving girl. I am considered a permanent resident at Cozy Cat because of my potty issues. It would take someone super extra special to take me home.