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Hello my name is Homer. I arrived at the Cozy Cat Cottage on a cold winter day in March of 2017. I came from a situation that is called a hoard. Which means I lived with a lot of other cats. My people meant well, but things got out of hand and they couldn’t care for so many of us. I have received great care while at Cozy Cat. I wasn’t feeling well and they discovered my teeth were a mess. I have had two dental procedures and I only have two canines left, but that doesn’t stop me from eating! I have this thing they call stomatitis, which means my mouth gets really inflamed. It’s too early to tell, but I might have stomatitis the rest of my life. Eventually all my teeth will probably need to come out. I will be just fine with that because I will still be able to eat and that makes me happy. I’m also what you call a real lover of a cat. My favorite thing to do is to be held like a baby. If you hold me just right, I will snuggle up to your shoulder. I also am a really big fan of chicken baby food! Before my teeth were pulled hard food was difficult for me to eat. The fine people at Cozy Cat gave me chicken baby food that tasted like it was fit for a king. I like to sleep inside the cat trees and often get overlooked, but if you discover me I will be your best friend!