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My name is Harper and the day of my photoshoot the human kept telling me how pretty I was and to hold my pose. I kept trying to tell her, “Hey human!  There’s more to me than just my beauty!” She just kept snapping away. So let me tell you about myself. I had a long journey!  I showed up at a home in Circleville and I tried to barge into their home every single chance I had. I was with kitten and I knew that I was going to be delivering any day. I am a princess and didn’t want to have my babies outside. However, I think in my heart I knew I was going to have a hard delivery and chances are I wouldn’t make it through it. Lucky for me the humans called the Cozy Cat Cottage and the luck just kept coming because they had room for me!  When I went into labor the good people at the cottage could tell I was in distress. I ended up having a c-section and whew was that tough!  Four of my babies survived and thrived. So here I am!  I am super sweet and I LOVE to be held and snuggled. I hope from the tip of my ears to my tail that I will find a human that will love me forever because that’s all I want in life.