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My name is Georgia and I was adopted as a baby. I thought I had found my forever home because I lived with my human for seven years. I had a sibling I always lived with and my human got rid of them too. She claimed I would pee outside the litterbox, but the medical team here questions if that was truly the case. I of course can’t tell them for sure. If I was doing it, I had my reasons, maybe the litter box wasn’t cleaned enough, maybe I just wasn’t happy. I also had really bad teeth and they were rotting all the way down to the root. It could have been because I was in pain and was trying to tell them. At any rate here I am. I received a dental and I feel so much better. I use my litter box every single time. Sometimes I can accidentally pee over it so a covered litter box in a quiet space would be best for me. Once I get to know you I am a total love muffin. I love my chin loved, catnip and cat food bisque!  I lap that stuff right up!  If you are looking for a nice adult cat, I am your girl!  I would love a second chance with someone who will love me forever!