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My name is Felisha and I was originally adopted from the Cozy Cat Cottage in 2012 when I was just a baby. That home was all I had ever known and I am very scared because I don’t understand where my family went. They put me inside the little box, the one they would put me in to take me to the vet. I assumed I would be going back home, but instead I was placed inside a cage. This is a nice place, but it is very noisy and there are so many other cats. I have no idea what I did to deserve this. My family says it was because their father in law had to move in. I don’t get it, it was my home first. My family also told the humans at the Cozy Cat Cottage that I didn’t use my litter box, but now that I am on urinary food, I am doing just fine. When I first arrived at Cozy Cat I had blood in my urine. I had a lot of tests done and everything was negative, so the doctors think I have stressed induced cystitis. Now that the humans here figured that out, I used the litter box every single time! Once I adjusted and became comfortable I have been doing so much better with the addition of my new food. I am going to require a home that is willing to take on an older lady with and is willing to let me adjust to my surroundings. I am very sweet and worth taking a chance on.