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Hello my name is Fairbanks. I was adopted as a three month old kitten and returned in 2018 because I was peeing outside the box. I almost died when I came back to the Cozy Cat Cottage because I was super sick. My former family didn’t take me to the vet to find out that I was blocked and because of this I turned into a medical emergency. The medical staff at Cozy Cat rushed me to the vet and the nice humans at the vets office saved my life. Unfortunately the pain I felt from needing to go potty has deterred me from going inside a litter box. I still have memories of how much pain I was in. I really need to be on a urinary food for the rest of my life and watched closely. Some of the other cats here say all my issues will make me what they call a permanent resident. They tell me very few humans would even give me a chance, but I’m hoping that’s not true. I think maybe with the proper retraining and good food and medical care that I might be able to trust that using the box won’t hurt me. When I came back I was super angry and took it out on the other cats, but I’m starting to understand that the humans at Cozy Cat really do care about me. I’m even starting to lay in laps and I’m finding my purr again.