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My name is Elmo and the fine people at the Cozy Cat Cottage really want to know my story, but I of course am not talking. They are pretty positive that I had a home and that I was either left behind or snuck out and got lost. I was already neutered when I was found which is why they believe I had a family. I really didn’t think I would make it another day and I believed from the tip of my ears to the tip of my tail that I was going to die. I came across a house that I thought had promise and I really hoped the humans inside would see me. I climbed up on their deck and started meowing as hard as I could and they saw me!  I was near starvation and the minute they opened the door I marched inside. They scooped me right up and thankfully the Cozy Cat Cottage was able to help. I weighed 4 1/2 pounds and should have easily weighed 10 lbs or more. It took awhile, but the nice humans at the cottage nursed me back to health.  I can be a feisty guy, but also a real lover. I love humans and feel super lucky to be given a second chance. I am really looking forward to a forever home. Oh and one more thing, I am eating grain free food at Cozy Cat because food with grains upsets my belly. You can find me in the front of the adoption center.