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My name is Dumpling and I am a super, sweet and loving girl. I love for humans to pet me and just want to be close to them. I came to the Cozy Cat Cottage late, one cold evening. Even though dumping an animal is mean, illegal and humans can be fined for doing it, my human did it anyway. I was in a cage and they left me in the freezing cold all night. I sat outside the building in my cage and did my best to stay warm. I was found by the volunteers the next morning and I was so thankful. I was trying to stay positive, but I was starting to think I might freeze to death. They say that animals are very forgiving and I believe that to be true. Even though my human didn’t want me, I still love and trust. I tell myself that one bad human doesn’t mean all humans are bad. I believe there is someone out there that will discover me and love me for the sweet girl that I am.