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Hello! My name is Diesel. I was out wandering around trying to fend for myself when I showed up in the yard of my rescuer. I was limping pretty bad and having trouble getting around and the kind humans that found me called the Cozy Cat Cottage. Lucky for me Cozy Cat was able to help. I have healed fractures in my front leg, but no attention is required. I was seen by a vet and it is speculated that I might have jumped down and essentially shattered the bones below my wrist bones. I know what happened to me, but I’m not talking. Meow. I am a very, very sweet and affectionate guy, but humans do have to be cautious around me because I have been known to bite. Right now I am in an enclosure because the humans haven’t quite trusted be around other cats. and humans. When I am being petted sometimes I get too excited and attempt to bite the humans. I don’t trust when people come from behind me, that is my defense mechanism from my days on the streets. I would do best in a home without children.