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My name is Clara and I was just a tiny baby when I arrived at the Cozy Cat Cottage. I was just a couple of weeks old when an extremely nice human saved me from the inside of a car engine. I remember it like it was yesterday. I had been running and running and thought I had found someplace safe to hide. I had no idea how dangerous my safe place was until the humans told me. I was so grateful to be saved. I have grown up at the shelter and I am still so shaken from my early days on the street. I have never quite gotten over it. I am very shy, but I love to cuddle with the other cats and I get along with everyone. I am going to need a very patient human that is willing to take their time with me and respect my boundaries. I hope someone will give me a chance. I see so many other cats come and go and I am just patiently waiting. I hope someday I can be brave and outgoing like my friends at Cozy Cat. Maybe it will be you, that can help me come out of my shell?