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My name is Chessie and I came to the Cozy Cat Cottage when I was just a few days old. My mama and siblings were abandoned on a front porch of someone’s home. I was adopted when I was just seven months old and I loved my home. Cozy Cat does follow up calls to all of our parents once we are adopted and at that time my humans said I was very sweet and getting along great with the other cat and dog in our home. I have no idea what happened, but they brought me back to Cozy Cat. They said they were returning me because I was very anxious and wouldn’t socialize with the other cat in the house. I developed a bad case of cystitis and the veterinarian said it was likely because I was very stressed. The nice humans at Cozy Cat are taking good care of me and I love to lay in their laps. I am very sweet and hope to find another home that I can call my own for the rest of my life.