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CHECK BACK ON ME!  I’m currently feeling under the weather and receiving treatment until I feel better.

My name is Chandler and I was just a wee little guy when I was adopted for the first time. In fact I was just three months old and cute as could be. I thought I hit the jackpot because I found a home so fast!  I’m a funny, quirky guy and I am just hoping I will have good luck at getting another home… one that will be forever! My former parents got another cat and we didn’t get along at all. In fact that’s why my ear is crinkled. We got into a really bad fight and I got a wound on my ear that turned into a hematoma and later into scar tissue. I hear just fine and really it’s just a vanity issue. I have great confidence though and I don’t let a little crinkled ear get me down. I still don’t quite understand why I was the one that had to go. It was my home first!  There was a black lab in my former home and when Cozy Cat did my follow up call after my adoption, I was best pals with the dog!  I am a real lover and when you pet me I will purr and purr and purr and sometimes I get so happy that I start to drool from all the purring!  I have my moments of fighting with the other cats, but I do just fine. I wouldn’t mind being an only cat and I would be pretty thrilled to live with a human that is retired and has a lot of time to pet me!