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My blue heart means I need an extra special person to adopt me!

My name is Babbett and I am very sweet girl.  I was originally found in Newark. I had just given birth to four kittens and was so excited when a human rescued us. I was adopted once and was returned because the humans said I bit and attacked their child. Only I can tell the full story. The humans at the Cozy Cat Cottage have never seen me bite or attack anyone. I was adopted a second time and brought back due to my skin allergies. When asked by the new parents if I was a good girl, they said I was nothing but sweet and loving. They were just worried they couldn’t afford any long term care for my allergies. Since being back at Cozy Cat I reside in the front of the adoption center where I only eat grain free food. I am also on allergy shots once a week and I handle my shots like a champ. I am responding well to treatment, but my skin still flares up on occasion. Each one of my vials is $136.00.  It’s going to take a special person to take me home and I am hoping the third time will be a charm!