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My name is Bridgette and I have been at Cozy Cat Cottage before.  I was adopted when I was just 4 months old.  After I was adopted, I was declawed.  That hurt SO bad.  I tried to be a good girl and use my litter box, but wow did those tiny rocks hurt my paws.  I pottied outside the box because it did not hurt.  I got in the habit because I did not want to hurt anymore.  I sometimes get stressed and overstimulated, and I hiss or slap.  It is hard communicating to humans.  My previous owner said that I lick plastic and chewed on strings.  I think I needed more attention.  One day I was brought back to Cozy Cat Cottage.  After 6 years I lost my home. 6 YEARS!  I was very sad.  Since I have been back at Cozy Cat Cottage, I have been a pretty good girl.  I was SO mad in the beginning, but the humans here have worked with me.  I also have 100% positive litter box habits.   I would like a second chance at forever, and I really want to be a good girl.  If you give me a chance, I will try my best to be as good at your house as I am at Cozy Cat Cottage.