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My blue heart means it’s going to take someone extra special to adopt me!

My name is Bennington and I am a very sweet and affectionate boy. I lived my life on the streets and unfortunately at some point I contracted FIV. FIV is no longer a death sentence and FIV cats can live very long lives. We can live safely with other cats as long as there isn’t any fighting. FIV is transferred through deep bites wounds and is not contagious via everyday interaction, such as litter boxes and food bowls. Due to my compromised immune system I had severe dental disease. Thankfully Cozy Cat sent me to the vet and I had all my teeth pulled. I don’t have any trouble eating and I feel so much better. In fact the humans tell me I’m extra cute because I hang my tongue out. I am a purr machine too. I love attention and can’t get enough pets. Will you be my hero and give me a safe and loving home?

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