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Simone I was born at CC. My mom was pregnant and taken there for help. One day later she gave birth to me and my four siblings. They all have found a home. I love other cats, dogs, people and just love teeny kittens. Everyone at CC thinks I am precious (at least ...


Tar Tar had been at Cozy Cat since he was a tiny kitten. He was passed over for years because he was a large black cat in a shelter full of black cats. They are always the most numerous and the hardest to place. At Complete Petmart Tar could be seen for the w ...


Tasmine DSH: BlackDOB: 10/10/10Arrived: 11/19/10I AM AWESOME!!We were 6 weeks old and a passerby witnessed my sister “Tallie” and I in 2010 on the Westside of Columbus after being tossed out of a moving car. We were sick too. We were taken to Cozy Cat for medica ...


Tennille Her mother and four tiny kittens were abandoned in a filthy apartment . Tennille and one sibling were attacked by a male cat and the sibling didn't survive. Tennille was left with a paralyzed back leg but now, thanks to a kind new family, her life is safe ...

Tiger Lilly

Tiger Lilly Tiger Lily became comatose after a routine injection. She was taken to a local vet hospital where it was reccommeded that she be put to sleep. Cozy Cat said no way. She needs a chance. So after being hospitalized for five days she returned to Cozy Cat whe ...


Trinity Trinity was adopted by a loving family who had already rescued a cat with paralyzed back legs and were looking for a playmate for it. When Elizabeth's pre-school aged son asked where the kitty's missing leg was she told him Trinity lost it, so this precio ...


Violet Violet is a very shy & timid little girl who is as small as a teenager. She would often let other cats push her around or take her food and she was hesitant to let people get near her. You could always find her hiding behind the office compter. Howeve ...


Weston Weston came to Cozy Cat with gunshot wounds in both front legs. Many concerned people donated money for his treatment. Dr. Harrison repaired his shattered left leg with a metal plate, treated his broken right paw, and put two casts on him. Now he lives a ...

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