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Gabby Our beautiful princess has found a home that is paradise. Her new family feeds her a grain free diet for her allergy and gives her the run of the place. You can see happiness all over her face.


Ginger I was living out of dumpsters and was very much in the family way. I was living with a whole gang of unwanted cats and kittesn. A care giver decided I needed help and took me to CC. While at CC I gave birth to my four little ones. They are now adopted. Be ...


Grover Sweet little Grover has a neurological condition which makes him a little wobbly on his feet. His new family loves their "drunken" kitten and obviously he loves them too.


Harmony DOB: 6/20/2012

Harvey (with Columbo)

Harvey (with Columbo) Harvey and Columbo were adopted together by Carrie and Allen Ebarb. Carrie fell in love with Harvey and his pal while volunteering at Cozy Cat. This delicate kitten spent three months living in an oxygen tank while recovering from pneumonia. Now he climbs ...


Hoover Hoover is the first of 3 Cozy Cat Kitties adopted by Allen and Carrie Ebarb. She was found at Hoover Dam sick with upper respiratory and fungus. She spent a year at Cozy Cat recovering and learning to trust people. Now, every night she jumps in bed with t ...


Jackie Jackie came to Cozy Cat with a prolapsed colon. She received repair surgery from Dr. Gutin at Linworth Animal Hospital where staff members fell in love with her. They adopted her and she now lives at the hospital where she is loved by all the people and t ...


Kenny DOB: 01/01/01ARRIVED: 01/21/13DSH: GRY/WHTI had a home once. I was left on someone's porch in a very small carrier. No note, no blanket, no food and it was freezing out. Cozy Cat said they would take me. My age is anyone's guess but we think 13-16 years. ...


Maddie Maddie was brought to Cozy Cat with a ruptured infected eye and a litter of kittens. She was as thin as her scraggly fur, but she was a good mother. After her wound was treated she blossomed into a beautiful cat and an angel named Wendy, a patron of Cozy ...


Maverick Maverick , who nearly died as a kitten, was adopted by Morton and Kristi Haugland . He is now a therapy cat for autistic children, and no cat could be better suited. His patient affectionate nature has won him a home filled with the love of many children ...


Melody DOB: 6/20/2012


Mustafa He is very beautiful, sweet natured, and affectionate but Mustafa is so shy that most people have never seen him. Now three, he had been at Cozy Cat since he was a kitten. One day a special couple took the time to get to know him and earn his trust. Thank ...


Napoleon Napoleon was the first Cozy Cat kitty adopted by volunteers Phil and Trish Ebbatson. His best friend was a terrified, frostbitten, rescued kitten named Frosty. The family went back and adopted Frosty after they saw how heart broken he was without Napoleon ...


Olivia Tiny Olivia came to Cozy Cat with one ruptured eye, the other eye clouded, and an upper respiratory infection so severe that she spent three months in our oxygen chamber. She has been adopted by a compassionate angel who knows that a blind kitten can give ...


Oracle he's soft as a bunny and very cuddly but many people passed her over because of her unusual appearance. Then an angel from Michigan visited the shelter with the idea of adopting one of our special babies. She fell in love with Oracle's pug face and loving ...


Popeye He was a beautiful kitten when he came to Cozy Cat, but he had one flaw, he only had one eye. After his eye socket was cleaned and sewn closed he became a handsome adult whose friendliness captured the hearts everybody who met him, including his adopted f ...


Ramona A bad person once broke her leg, and a clinic used to keep her as a blood donor. Ramona had a rough life, but now this former barn cat has a family who have acreage for her to roam on and a barn for shelter. She gets petted and fed regularly by her wonder ...

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