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Alexis My birthday is 08/05/01. I was very shy at Cozy Cat. I had occasional bouts of asthma and had to have shots and use an inhaler. The asthma didn't stop me from finding my perfect home. One of our volunteers fell in love with me and took me home. It took a ...


Amber I am a very affectionate girl who loves to hang out on the adoption counter and be petted. Right now I am not fond of being picked up. Don't forget to check out my three litter mates Andre and Angie.


DOB: 06/01/05ARRIVED: 03/31/09SELKIRK REX I had a home along with my sister Natalania when my owners couldn't keep me anymore and I ended up at a humane society. From there we were adopted but we didn't do well with the small children so we were returned ...


Bernie We allowed this handsome man to cross over the Rainbow Bridge on 03/03/13 in peace and dignity. God Speed our little friend.   DOB: 01/01/1997ARRIVED: 11/26/11I had a home! I thought it was a forever home. My owner decided to toss me out. The day after ...


Blondie This pretty girl had been pampered in her foster home. When she and her kittens came back to the shelter she was depressed and wouldn't eat. Then the kind people from The Pink Flamingo in Powell adopted her as a shop cat. She is again pampered and totally ...


Boogie Boogie, the beloved mascot of the former Parker Hanifin factory, showed up there one day with a gun shot wound and other life-threatening injuries. Then Cozy Cat Cottage took him under their umbrella. One leg had to be amputated but he healed beautifully. ...


Bosley DOB: 06/05/05ARIVED: 12/06/05DSH TABBY MIX-BRN/BLK/WHTI was found around Christmas of 2006. I was wandering the streets for awhile. I was cold, hungry and afraid. One of the directors at CCC was out and about and she saw me. I was just sitting and wanted ...

Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow She is one of the kitties adopted from Cozy Cat Cottage by guardian angels Kristi and Morton Haugland. She was a very shy kitten with a crooked tail, the last of her litter to be adopted. She used to hide for hours, but her new family gave her time to adj ...


Bryann DSH Tabby Mix: Brown/White/BlackDOB: 05/01/09ARRIVED: 05-18-09My mom gave birth to four little ones plus me. She was living under a porch. The nice people took us into CC. I am the only one who has not found a home. I don't know why. I am sweet, playful, ...


Cassanova Casanova loved to show off by rolling over on command. People applauded but nobody took him home, he wasn't tiny or fluffy. People didn't see that he was as friendly as he was smart. Finally his luck changed. He now has a happy home where he is loved for ...


Celeste Celeste lived on the streets eating from dumpsters, regularly giving birth to litters of kittens, and surviving a burned back. One day some ladies who had tried to rescue her found her immobile, in heavy labor. They brought her to Cozy Cat where she was r ...


Charlene Everybody remarked on her beauty, but her shyness kept her from being adopted. She was playful and friendly but definitiely a ruling kitten. She was difficut to handle but the staff loved her. She would answer to her name. Her new Mommy has all the patien ...

Chi Chi

Chi Chi DOB: 1/01/2005


Cinder Our mom was living on the streets of downtown Columbus. She was injured and about to give birth. The lady who found us called everywhere and no one would take us in. Cozy Cat was full but when they heard mom needed medical care they took her in and then j ...


Columbo Having one eye doesn't keep Colombo from being the pistol of the Ebarb family. He loves unraveling toilet paper, playing with their rescued greyhound, and with his best friend Harvey. In the morning he jumps on the sink and gets drenched playing in the wa ...


Diva DOB: 11/14'2010DLH: Gry/WhtARRIVED: 11/14/10


Drucilla Drucilla was so small when she came to Cozy Cat nobody dreamed that she was pregnant. She was getting adopted when it was noticed she was in the family way. So adoption postponed she gave birth and only one survived. Her baby Panther still lives at Cozy C ...

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