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If you've lost your pet or found a domestic animal, please visit this web site: http://www.petfbi.com. Move fast and be thorough.

If you've found an animal and you're sure you can't find the owner:

  • We are currently past capacity and usually are at most times. Please try contacting one of these other organizations listed below: Cozy Cat Cottage feline residents receive excellent medical care while they are with us. Cozy Cat cannot vouch for medical care given to felines at any other facility. Cozy Cat Cottage does not believe in unwanted euthanasia unless a cat or kitten is beyond saving and is in pain. We cannot vouch for any of the other facilities euthanasia policies.
    • Bexley Alley Cats  (614) 487- 8523
    • Cat Welfare  (614) 268-6096
    • Cause for Paws  www.causeforpawsrescue.com/
    • Citizens for Humane Action  (614) 891-5280
    • Delaware County Humane Society  (740) 369-7387
    • Fairfield County Humane Society  (740) 687-0627
    • Friends for Life Animal Haven  (614) 837-6260
    • Forgotten4-Paws  www.forgotten4paws.org/home.asp
    • Pet Promise  (614) PET-2149
    • Pets Without Parents  (614) 267-7297
    • Union County Humane Society  (937) 642-6716
  • When surrendering a cat or kittens to any organization you want to ask them about their policy. Questions to ask would be:
    • Do you euthanize?
    • What percentage of surrendered cats and kittens do you euthanize?
    • When I surrender this cat or these kittens will they receive medical care such as antibotics if they have upper respiratory, stool issues etc.?
    • How do you decide which ones are euthanized?
    • What method of euthansia do you use? Note: American Veternarian Association says there are several ways to euthanize but the recommended way is to use a vein. Many places do a stomach stick or heart stick. It is less expensive for them and less time consuming for them. The cats and kittens linger sometimes for quite awhile instead of going to sleep immediately.This is not acceptable unless a cat is so ill a vein cannot be found.
  • If you're trying to place your pet in another home or shelter, please consider that any separation from you WILL cause mental anguish for your pet, sometimes resulting in irreversible emotional damage. This emotional damage is much worse for the pet than the owner because the pet is just part of the owners life, while the owner IS the pet's entire life.

In the United States alone, 11,000 - 15,000 domestic pets are euthanized EVERY DAY. That's 10 unwanted animals killed EVERY MINUTE. And there are hundreds of millions out there who were taught how to live comfortably in a home and are now alone and suffering. When the alternative is abandoning a companion who has no control over it's destiny and has put it's trust in you, any pet problem can be worked through. We know this from extensive experience.

Dying is part of life. Being ripped away from the only life you've known and being abandoned by those who love you is cruel mental torture. Please think about it.

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